The Kitschies: Aurorarama by Jean-Christophe Valtat
Underground Reading: Flight 685 is Overdue by Edward Moore

The Kitschies: What's Next?

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KitschiesNow that we've looked at each of our five Kitschie finalists in turn, we're going to start handing out the hardware (or the software, as will be revealed later...). 

It starts this Friday, when we'll announce the winner of the 2010 Golden Tentacle, for the debut novel that best fits our demanding criteria of elevating the tone of geek culture.

On Monday, 31 January, we'll be handing out a special Kitschie, to a book that Anne and I collectively agreed was something genuinely exceptional. Unfortunately, it didn't meet several of our qualifying criteria. All will be revealed.

Finally, on Wednesday, 2 February, we'll be announcing the 2010 Kitschie winner. This is still very much undecided and we're in the critical "arguing amongst ourselves & throwing things" phase. 

The shortlist & our reviews:

Please take advantage of the next week, read our analyses of the finalists and chime in. We'd love to hear your thoughts.