The Kitschies: 2010 Black Tentacle Winner
The Kitschies: 2010 Red Tentacle Winner

"I am delighted, and I know that Don’s widow, Abby, will be as well. MEMORY is a special book, one that Don worked hard on early in his career and, judging by his handwritten notes throughout the manuscript, one he returned to multiple times over the years. I am grateful to Lawrence Block, who remembered the book fondly from when Don first wrote it and brought it to my attention after Don’s death, and to Abby and Don’s agent, Larry Kirshbaum, for permitting us to publish it. I think it’s a book that reflects very positively on Don’s legacy and it was a privilege for us to get to bring it out. Nothing could burnish Don’s memory better than Don’s MEMORY." -- Charles Ardai, publisher of Hard Case Crime, accepting the Black Tentacle for Memory