New Releases: The Sentinel Mage by Emily Gee
"The Goddamn Plane Has Crashed Into The Mountain!" by Den Patrick

PK Draft: Valentine's Slash

SO MUCH SLASH We're going to try something new and host this competition simultaneously both on the blog AND on our newly-designed, re-funkified Facebook page

And we're not the only ones trying something new and different today - we'd like you to pick two of your favorite genre characters and slash 'em. What pair of star-crossed lovers have been separated for too long? Feel free to mix and match between authors, settings and media.

Whomever suggests the most romantic new couple will win a romantic gift pack including Gary Erskine's Army@Love, Jesse Petersen's Married with Zombies and whatever else we can find to throw in. If we're having a hard time making up our mind, we'll just randomly draw based on "Likes" or something. Give us a break, we're experimenting (and so are your entries).

We'll decide on Tuesday, 15 February, 9 pm GMT. So get to lovin'.