Underground Reading: Pashazade by Jon Courtenay Grimwood
The Week that Was (Part 2 - Free Reading Edition)

The Week that Was (Part 1 - Site Admin & Linkapalooza)

A busy, busy week on Pornokitsch - in case you missed anything, here's the usual list of links, followed by some general site announcements

A few site admin things as well...

  • We've been going through and removing our 10-point rating scale from our old reviews. It isn't something we'd done in ages, and it felt foolish (and a little silly) to keep them around. They may stay on the graphic novels, but that's a decision for another day.
  • We're also in the process of removing all the links to Amazon. This isn't some sort of revolutionary stance (we still use them all too frequently), but if one of our reviews has moved you to purchase, we'd rather you did it at your local independent bookstore. Similarly, we don't take ads on the site - so being part of an affiliate program felt a little disingenous. Anyway, like the ratings, this is something it'll take us a little while to clean up entirely.
  • We have a Vibrating Aboutness Cluster! We've wanted one ever since China MiĆ©ville dropped the phrase on the room at EasterCon. And it even vibrates!

Next week... more Monsters & Mullets (hooray!), more Robert Chambers (period romance, ftw!), more guest reviews (ooooooh) and whatever else lands on our lap.