Underground Reading: Legend by David Gemmell
Monsters & Mullets: Legend (1985)

The Kitschies: Tentacles on Parade

The 2010 Red, Black & Golden Tentacles have wriggled their way around the world, and we have photographic evidence.

Lauren Beukes

Lauren Beukes with the Red Tentacle for Zoo City.

Maurice Broaddus

Maurice Broaddus with the Golden Tentacle for King Maker.

Charles Ardai, publisher of Hard Case crime, responded on behalf of the late Donald Westlake (winner of the Black Tentacle for Memory):

I can honestly say I have never held an award whose physical form in and of itself gave me so much pleasure. What a wonderful, wonderful tentacle it is. Many thanks to both of you, and to whatever eldritch creature gave one of its button-encrusted pseudopods to the causeā€¦

We enthusiastically congratulate all the 2010 winners and nominees one last time. Thank you very much for your books. We're certain that the Kitschies are merely the first of many, many well-deserved awards.