Bourbon vs Whiskey
Underground Reading: A Party to Murder by Lionel White

The Week that Was

More words in fewer places. If you're up for some loooong reviews, this was the week for you.

  • The treat of the week was a three-part interview with Mark Charan Newton, author of Nights of Villjamur, City of Ruin, The Book of Transformations and, as of now, a pretty impressive screed about the blogosphere & getting started as a writer.
  • A review of Sophia McDougall's new/old alternate history thriller, Romanitas.
  • The Tentacles have landed. Photos from Lauren Beukes and Maurice Broaddus of the 2010 winners wrestling with their trophies.
  • Discussing the differences between bourbon and whiskey
  • We also dragged up some old ad campaigns for Shadowrun (1990) and D&D (1983).
  • Legend (1984) - writen David Gemmell - and Legend (1985) - directed by Ridley Scott - were both reviewed. For us, one of them was better than expected, one was much worse. What about you?

Off the site, there were no signings or cons for us this week, although we did pick up some classy-lookin' films at FOPP and Forbidden Planet to prepare for future Monsters & Mullets reviews. If you don't mind your books a little dusty, Quinto (Charing Cross Road) has just restocked its basement with second-hand crime books and a collection of old SF magazines. Nor was there any site admin, although we have been organizing an 'event' in early April, so we haven't been totally slack when it comes to facing the future. 

Next week: Robert Chambers (overdue, but promises to be a juicy one), Self-Made Hero's Lovecraft Anthology (overdue), a few more examples of Underground Reading and an interview with a bombastic, transatlantic author that should keep things spicy.