'If they want to have huge debates about it, that’s fine.' - China Miéville and Bas-Lag
New Releases: Loss of Separation by Conrad Williams

The Week that Was

The weekly roundup of what we did - here, there and elsewhere. Plus, per usual, the latest in fascinating site administration.

On the site, two of the week's highlights came from interviews: a two parter with the notoriously bombastic Sam Sykes (he didn't disappoint) and our session with the amazing China Miéville. The latter also sent us a picture of himself with his 2009 Red Tentacle for The City & The City

Monsters & Mullets returned with Shaft & Kane battling a dragon-snake-bird in Q: The Winged Serpent (1982).

We also had reviews of Robert Chambers' The Tracer of Lost Persons (1906), James Berry's Quas Starbrite (1981) and Lionel White's A Party to Murder (1966). (Average publication date: 1951. Take that, frontlist bias!)

Elsewhere, our review of The Age of Odin showed up in The Hub and our Miéville interview (and accompanying commentary about Miéville, GRRM and JK Rowling) appeared in the prestidgious Literary Platform. Huzzah!

PK FacebookAnd in the mythical land of the outside world... well, not much. We've heard rumors that it exists, but until we see photos of this legendary land.

On the site, we finally made good on our promise to be completely delinked from Amazon. If any of our reviews prompt you to buy a book, graphic novel or terrible movie, we suggest that you check your local bookshop. 

We're also playing around more with our Facebook page. All the silly little bits - movies, links and random banter - are going to take place over there (and on Twitter, of course). The site will be used for longer content and the more spectacular pull-quotes that we find.

Next week, loads of reviews - including at least five of this year's new releases.

As always, hints, tips, suggestions and criticism are all welcome.