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New ANARCHY BOOKS release: Princess Moonbow Braids Her Hair

Princess MoonbowAnarchy Books, the hot new multimedia publishing imprint founded by Andy Remic, has announced their latest title: Princess Moonbow Braids Her Hair. According to the press release:

"Princess Moonbow awakes in a pickle - her beautiful mane has gotten entangled overnight! The summer picnic for all the My Little Ponies(tm) is that day and Princess Moonbow is too embarrassed to attend. What follows is a series of amusing scenarios in which Princess Moonbow tries to hide from her loving family and devoted friends. When her best friends - Rainribbon and Crystalflow - finally track her down, they teach Princess Moonbow that no problem is too tough to be overcome with a little hard work. With her lovely mane freshly braided, Princess Moonbow has a great time at the picnic. And learns a valuable lesson about friendship and self-esteem."

Mr. Remic adds that fans of Serial Killers Incorporated and Vivisepulture will really enjoy this change of pace. "The My Little Pony(tm) brand is a great new addition to our stable", Mr. Remic chuckled, while meticulously brushing the tail of his beloved Silverhoofs. "Anarchy encompasses a huge range of music, video and writing talent - it feels like the right time to harness all that to do a little something for me." 

When asked about Anarchy's talent, and how they were accepting the company's new direction, Mr. Remic was equally positive. "Oh sure, there was a little dissension at first, but who can say no to [Silverhoofs'] big brown eyes? I had everyone over for a tea party and let them meet the 'Pony Patrol' and, really, they all fell in love immediately. Except Lauren Beukes. What she did to Sunbeam will never, ever be forgiven."

Mr. Remic also reassured us that the time-limited £1.14 sale on Serial Killers Incorporated on Amazon had nothing to do with raising cash for the My Little Pony(tm) Spring Sticker Collection.