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PK Interview: Sophia McDougall (Part 1)

V Days of Rome


We're going to take the next five days to explore one of our favorite historical periods. With swords, sandals, Sibyls and scandal, it's no wonder why we're so drawn to ancient Rome.

And we're clearly not the only ones. Until the end of the week, we'll be sharing interviews, short stories, reviews and essays from some of the best & brightest in geek culture - authors, editors and fellow bloggers all with something to say about Rome.

We're also sitting on a small horde of great prizes to give away. The first competition has already started on Facebook (as well as a gallery of fairly-terrifying Rome-related genre covers), so scurry on over and take part. 

If you spot anything Roman that we need to add to our list - or if you're going classical on your own blog and want us to link to you - please let us know. We'll be doing our best to scout around all week, but don't hesitate to comment/twitter/Facebook/whatever us to get our attention. All roads lead to Rome after all.