China Miéville at Foyles
New Releases: Vegas Knights by Matt Forbeck

Where's Pornokitsch?

We normally play these things close to the vest, but now that our tickets are safely purchased, we can generously share our upcoming schedule.

  • The British Library is opening the "Out of This World" exhibition on May 20. The exhibit runs until September, but this ongoing collection of geekery is punctuated by some amazing one-off panels. Alan Moore, China Miéville, Michael Moorcock, Margaret Atwood (raised eyebrow), Iain M. Banks, Stephen Baxter, Brian Aldiss, Audrey Niffenegger, George Clinton (?!), Niall Ferguson, John Clute, Pat Cadigan, etc. etc. There's even an SF themed "late night" with musical-type people that we've never heard of but cool people assure us are quite 'hip'. Crazy kids.
  • MCM Expo also looms large on the horizon, running 27-29 May. Sadly (for us), MCM is no longer an "unknown" to comics fans. For a couple years, fans had unlimited access to folks like Ben Templesmith, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, as the majority of the attendees were manga-focused teenagers there to dress up and shamelessly flirt. (Do kids still flirt? I think we used to, but then, we never dressed like ninja squirrels for the occasion. God, we are old.) Still, even though the word is out, the ratio of creators to fans in the Comics Village remains extremely gratifying. There's also a new(ish) Steampunk presence which generally promises some good rummaging and yet another array of awe-inspiring sartorial decisions. Bonus: Anne's a Futurama fan and we both lurve Jonathan Stroud. (Our previous visits to MCM can be found here and here. And here. Oh, and here.)

Tickets are still available for everything above. As always, if you spot us, please say hi! We may be reclusive, internet-addicted creatures of the night, but we still pay for our rounds.