Underground Reading: The Anubis Murders by Gary Gygax
Underground Reading: Three More from Hard Case Crime


Mwahahaha This weekend's competition is something crazy and just the tiniest bit evil

If there's one archetype we love, its the Mad Scientist. And, frankly, there aren't nearly enough of them, so we're recruiting more.

Please tell us:

1) Your Mad Scientist Name
2) Your Degree/Speciality
3) Your Scheme to Rule the World 

All three answers are required to enter. 

The prize is a Mad Scientist Starter Pack, including a copy of Warren Ellis' Doktor Sleepless #1 and a rare & wonderful iron-on "Evil Scientist" patch designed by Fetishman artist, Doctor Geof. 

The rules, Mr. Bond...

1) We still ship everywhere in the world (but only this world. Tell your friends from Barsoom to stop complaining.)
2) Contest ends on Tuesday at noon (GMT).
3) The judges' decision is arbitrary and often inexplicable.
4) Did you see the bit about all three answers being required? We meant it. 
5) The competition is running simultaneously on Facebook as well.