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Underground Reading: A Western Round-Up

DGLA x Chosen

Yikes Last night's David Gemmell Legend Award for "Best Novel" went to Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings, a novel with "race-related plot themes that will raise some eyebrows" (Publishers Weekly). We went a little further in our own review.

We also shared some - unasked for - thoughts on the DGLA a few weeks ago. Although there's no denying Mr. Sanderson's proficiency, we're still disappointed that this sprawling novel was chosen as the "best" of the year. However, the anticipated indignity of Mr. Sanderson's victory paled in comparison to the utterly bizarre selection of best cover art

(A [genuine] congratulations to Darius Hinks for his Morningstar Award for best debut. We can't figure out how Black Library didn't own the shortlist again, especially after last year's victory for Graham McNeill. Did all the Games Workshop fans take the year off voting?)