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The Weeks that Were

The lovely weather brought us outside quite a bit over the past few weeks. If you define "outside" as "dark pubs and window-less convention centers", that is. Still, a few things kept rolling on the blog as well. Here's what's been happening, as well as the world from our Ombudscat.

The reviews...

  • R.A. Salvatore's Homeland (1990) (And the perils of basing a book on Gygaxian racefail)
  • Mira Grant's Feed (2010) (And appreciating a book at face value)
  • Andy Remic's Serial Killers Incorporated (2011) (And the legacy of the splatterpunk serial)
  • Sophia McDougall's Savage City (2011) (And the danger of spoilers)
  • 4 different works of dystopian YA: Jeyn Roberts' Dark Inside (2011), E.J. Newman's 20 Years Later (2011), Melvin Burgess' Bloodtide (2003) and Richard Cormier's After the First Death (1979).

And also...

  • Our (unasked for) 2 cents on the shortlist for the David Gemmell Legend Award. We're not sure if we swayed any voters, but we did get a typo corrected. One small step for the website administrator, one giant leap for genre awards...
  • An interview with comics dynamo, INJ Culbard - the man behind the most successful comics adaptation of Lovecraft's work... er... ever. 
  • A look at Steve Jackson Games' Zombie Dice.
  • We're still looking for a collective noun (entries are open until Monday at noon, so you can still jump in...)

Mr. Pickles the Ombudscat is pleased to see that we sorted out the gender balance of our book reviews, but is perturbed by the recent frontlist bias. 

Off the site, we scurried around London for a few events. Although our post-script for MCM Expo is online, no formal write-ups are coming for the BFS Open Night or the BSFA AGM. Both the latter events were fun and extremely enlightening. As new members of both organisations, we'll undoubtedly be attending more of these hoedowns. If you spot us, please say hi!