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Competition: Are you Supergodlike?

SupergodsWe've got not one but three copies of Grant Morrison's Supergods to give away this week. This is great power, and with it comes great responsibility. In order to make sure these tomes of superheroism get into the right hands, we'll be running a few different competitions throughout the week - here, on Twitter and on our Facebook page.

The first competition starts now...

Grant Morrison is famous for writing himself into his comics. This is perhaps most notable in Animal Man (in which Animal Man confronts his own creator), but, in Supergods, Mr. Morrison writes at length about his personal connection with other characters, such as Zenith (Zenith) and King Mob (The Invisibles).

If you - as you - could live in any comic book title, which would it be? And why?

Rules: We'll pick a winner on Wednesday afternoon. Anyone can enter, but I'm afraid we're only shipping to the UK this time. Like a radioactive spider, we choose our winner based on their heroic potential - the better your answer, the better your chances. Only answers given in the comments below will count.