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Tonight: Sophia McDougall at the BSFA

Sophia McDougall, a Pornokitsch favourite, will be interviewed by Roz Kaveney tonight at the BSFA's monthly meeting

The venue is The Antelope Tavern, 22 Eaton Terrace. No tickets or entry fee (or BSFA membership) required. The room is open from 6 pm, with the interview starting at 7.

We're big fans of Ms. McDougall's work. If you need further encouragement, here's a bit of what we've said in the past:

"Romanitas is that rarest of beasts: character-driven sf." (Romanitas)

"[Rome Burning] maintains Romanitas' excellent tradition of elegantly-scripted, character-focused SF but also increases the stakes with high-powered political tension, global conflict, operatic romance and dire treachery." (Rome Burning)

"This is a genre ostensibly defined by bravery and imagination, yet it is still only on the rarest of occasions that someone has the courage to break the mold entirely. This is one of those books." (Savage City)

We hope to see you there tonight.