The Lure of Book Collecting
Doctor Who: The Movie (1996)

A bit of housecleaning

A couple small changes on the site.

We've removed the "Genre-free" tag because it was lazy and inaccurate. Instead, we've added two new genre categories and therefore officially expanded our kitschy remit to include both Westerns and Romance. We haven't reviewed many Westerns to date, but this category will grow ahead of 2012's A Town Called Pandemonium. And the Romance category includes everything from Georgette Heyer to Midwood Publishing, corseted swooning to good ol' slappenfuk

We've also added another menu on the right, allowing you to distinguish between the various site authors and their work. There are four of us now, plus our multitude of beloved guest writers. We'll also do a better job of tagging the reviews as we post them, so that you can make sure to flame the appropriate author.

Pornokitsch has been an ever-evolving, ever-wriggling experiment since 2008. We're always up for suggestions on how to make the site a better place and, as this shows, occasionally we even act on them.