Friday Five: 15 Bloody Good Gods!
The Repairer of Reputations: The Man They Hanged by Robert Chambers

The Weeks that Were

Between a holiday, editing Pandemonium and putting the final touches on our latest not-so-secret project, we've not accomplished quite as much reviewing as we normally do.

Still, we covered off a book or two over the past couple weeks:

Monsters & Mullets found a musical sort of monster in The Little Mermaid (1989).

Our Friday Fives included a discussion of our favorite gods from myth (& legend & genre fiction) with screenwriter Chrysanthy Balis and a debate about our favorite horror stories with Adam L.G. Nevill. 

Off the internet, we mucked around looking for fossilised squid butts in Lyme Regis. We also found an enormous plastic squid butt at Gosh! London, as the noble Plarchie was in attendance for the book launch of Deadly Knitshade's Knit the City

Agatha Ombudscat

The Ombudscat is pleased about the diversity of eras, genres and authors we covered. However, she sternly reminds us that we are committed to new content five days a week. We won't disappoint her again.