Friday Five: 15 Marvellous Musicah-ah-ah-als
Review Round-up: Havana, armageddon & a room of one's own

The Weeks that Were

A spoiler-free recap of the last two weeks on Pornokitsch (and off of it).

The reviews:

  • Cartel & Bocquet's Kiki of Montparnasse (2011) (and the art of biography)
  • Richard Foster's The Rest Must Die (1959) (and the Virilicide in post-apocalyptic NYC)
  • Kim Lakin-Smith's Tourniquet (2007) (and looking beyond the fangs)
  • Tim Lebbon's Echo City (2011) (and writing geocide)
  • Theodore Pratt's Tropical Disturbance (1961) (and wind-powered schadenfreude)
  • Nicholas Royle's Regicide (2011) (and the occasional importance of re-reading a book's final chapters)

A bit of a Hard Case Crime kick:

We also gave away a copy of Say It with Bullets over on our Facebook page. 'Cause we're nice. (And Jared possibly lost track of which HCC novels he already owns.)

Features included guest blogger Daniel Brown's scrutiny of the works of Mark Chadbourn, Friday Five lists of Awesome Victorians (with special guest Jon "Pax Britannia" Green) and Musicals, and Bex explaining her problems with last week's Doctor Who.

Off the internet, we risked the real world long enough to hear Kim Lakin-Smith speak at the monthly BSFA event. Anne also saw McNulty and Doctor Who giggle about on stage (and, later, witnessed Donna having a spectacular wardrobe malfunction). We also flew through the Stool Pigeon exhibition at Orbital Comics - an array of (slightly disturbing) panels from the free music magazine's past. Sadly, we missed Preacher's Garth Ennis at Forbidden Planet, but still swept in later for a bit of looting.

Pandemonium: Stories of the Apocalypse continues to slouch along towards Bethleham. We had the privilage of announcing two additional contributors this week: Scott Andrews and Louise Morgan. For further updates, sign up to our mailing list - we won't spam you, but the big news goes out to subscribers first.

And speaking of big news, we haven't made any enormous announcements in the past few weeks. Mostly because we've been saving up...