Friday Five: 15 Ridiculous Monsters
Underground Reading: Casino Moon by Peter Blauner

The Weeks that Were

What we've been fiddling with for the last two weeks. 

If you missed it in SFX, the winners of the 2011 Kitschies will be revealed at the SFX Weekender 3. The Kraken hits Wales! We're huge fans of the Weekender and can't think of a better venue to reveal the year's most progressive, intelligent and entertaining books. Friday, 3 February, 2012. Hope to see you there. 

On the Pandemonium side of things, we're pleased to share that Tate Britain will be carrying an extremely limited edition of Stories of the Apocalypse. For the latest information on the anthology as it approaches release, please check out the site and sign up for the mailing list.

And now for the really fun part - the reviews!

  • Piers Anthony's And Eternity (1990) (and the shameful horrors of premeditated ickiness)
  • Eric Brown's The Kings of Eternity (2011) (and the rare condition of a story too short)
  • Robert Chambers's In Secret (1919) (and the real war crimes of WWI)
  • J.T. Edson's The Big Hunt (1968) (and how pro-shared world can still mean anti-socialism)
  • Russell Hill's Robbie's Wife (2007) (and what happens when fantasy bleeds over into reality)
  • Paul Evan Lehman's The Man from the Badlands (1965) and Stagecoach to Hellfire Pass (1967) (and how the economics of the Wild West can be far more interesting than gunfights)
  • Jonathan Oliver's new anthology, House of Fear (2011) (and the joys of repainting an old trope)

We debated our favorite imaginary in-crowds (from Gossip Girl to the X-Men) in a Friday Five. Later, writer Oz Vance joined us for a discussion of ridiculous creatures (from weasels to the Snallygaster).

Off the interwebz, we listened to China Miéville talk about comic books and the nature of science, picked up signatures from Mark Charan Newton, Adam Nevill and Adrian Tchaikovsky and attended (Now that would be) Telling, an art exhibit that toys with the history of Doctor Samuel Johnson's house. There's a late night on 20 October at one of the coolest venues in London.

Finally, a story by Charlie Human, Pandemonium contributor and all around nice guy, is being made into a short film - "There Are No Heroes". The producers only have a few days left to raise money. You can support their efforts via Indiegogo and their Facebook page.