New Releases: 13 - Tales of Dark Fiction
Underground Reading: Conflicts, edited by Ian Whates

Anarchy x Freedom

There have been a lot of free book promotions floating around lately. Hell, even we did it. A combination of post-holiday sales and the publishers' need to stake their claims on all the virgin e-reader territory out there.

Some promotions, however, are simply better than others. And this one, from Anarchy Press, threatens to take the crown. From tomorrow until slightly after New Year's Eve, downloads of the following Anarchy titles are free:

Gig (Mik and Kim) by James Lovegrove

Monstrocity by Jeffrey Thomas

New York Nights by Eric Brown

Rain Dogs by Gary McMahon

SIM by Andy Remic

Serial Killers Incorporated by Andy Remic (our review of this one is here)

The Black Seas of Infinity by Dan Henk

The Office of Lost and Found by Vincent Holland-Keen

And if you're the sort that prefers to pay for your fiction (and good on you), the new anthology, Vivisepulture, is out now and a mere 99p. It contains stories from Colin Harvey, Ian Sales, Steve Savile, Guy N. Smith, Gary McMahon and Adrian Tchaikovsky.

All their titles are very different and very out there, odd and ambitious titles that showcase some of the most imaginative British authors. This is a golden opportunity to dip your toe in the Anarchy waters and see what which of their books are for you.