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Friday Five: Nightmare Creatures [Contest!]

Friday FiveWe thought we'd try something a little different in this week's Friday Five.

When it comes to scary monsters (and super creeps), everyone's got their own special fear. Jared? Spiders - which means beasties like Mark Charan Newton's spider-monster-woman-thing give him nightmares for weeks. Anne? She's fearless (or so she claims).

So what about you? What creature - real or imaginary - gives you the heebie-jeebies?

We've got an amazing prize for the best answer. Deadly Knitshade of Whoddunnit (and author of Knit the City and Stitch London) created a set of five Stitched Mini Slake Moths based on the horrendous creatures from Perdido Street Station. They were on display at last week's Steampunk Evening, and now's your chance to win one of them for yourself.

375359_328555183823822_167714559907886_1318368_749539080_nPhoto courtesy of Deadly Knitshade. (See more on her site.)

This adorable/terrifying creature needs a new home and fresh minds to snack on. Want to earn its love? Confess your fears below! (We've also got a bit of cool Kraken swag to hand out, thanks to The Kitschies, so there may be multiple winners. Ooooooh.)

[Despite his adorable little wings, the Slake Moth doesn't fly well, so we'll need to make sure the winner is UK based. Kraken prizes can be sent anywhere in the world, so please compete, wherever you are! We'd like to guarantee that you'll get your prizes before Christmas, but you really won't. Competition ends on Wednesday 21st December, 6 pm (UK time).]