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Penguins Progress x Stocking Stuffer

The inspiration for the Pandemonium Stocking Stuffer came from the lovely old Penguins Progress volumes. These were samplers from the 1940s and 1950s, containing previews of the next year's books, a recap of any awards and gossip and a few random tidbits.

My favourite of all is the inaugural volume, in which Penguin plays with their very own logo in a way that most brands would never (ever) do. The tipsy, cigarette smoking Penguin is adorable and the "crime editor" sketch is bizarrely wonderful.

Progress1-Thumb  Progress2-Thumb Progress3-Thumb  Progress4-Thumb  Progress5-Thumb  Progress6-Thumb

Pandemonium ain't Penguin, but these helped steer us on the look and feel of our little volume - festive, friendly and more than a little fun. 

(All images from Penguins Progress and Penguins Progress 13 - copyright Penguin, 1946 and 1951)