Red Tentacle Finalist: The Enterprise of Death by Jesse Bullington
Golden Tentacle Finalist: Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick

Inky Tentacle Finalist: Rivers of London

Rivers of London
Ben Aaronovitch
Illustration by Stephen Walter / Design by Patrick Knowles (TAG Fine Arts)

What made Rivers of London stand out over all the others was the illustration and use of the blood red Thames that bleeds into the title.

The cover is quite striking at first glance but the more you examine it the more you notice all the great little drawings. They not only represent parts of London, but also give a sense of not the London you know. It's worth taking another look at the cover once you've read it to pick up all the little hints to the story. It is probably one of the only book covers that I would happily hang on the wall at home. [Craig]


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