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Tales to Terrify - Scared Yet?

PodcastTony Smith, the Hugo award-winning podcaster behind Star Ship Sofa, is taking a step towards the scary with his new project, "Tales to Terrify".

Mr. Smith's recruited a crack team as well. "Tales" will be voiced by Lawrence Santoro, edited by Smith and literary blogger Harry Markov (one of our personal favorites) and supported by reader Sarah Hendrix and art director Church H. Tucker (see the foxy image to the right).

The podcast has a mission to "interpret horror in all of its nuances and manifestations", and has already promised stories from Joe R. Lansdale, Tim Lebbon, Gary McMahon, Caitlin R. Kiernan and Nick Mamatas. 

The first episode of "Tales to Terrify" will be released on 13 Friday (of course)

We're not podcast listeners by nature, but with "Tales", "The Readers", "Dark Fiction" and rumors of a return from another of our old favorites (no spoilers here), we're dusting off our headphones.