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The Kitschies: A Gothic Evening at Blackwell's

Thursday, 8 March, The Kitschies are proud to host an evening of dark entertainments at Blackwell's Charing Cross. Following on from the success of the Steampunk evening, we'll be delving into the forgotten lore of another popular genre: The Gothic.

Vampire Squid

The Gothic is a tricky one. Originating in the 18th century as a cleverly conceived revival of the medieval romance, its modern thematic legacy includes horror, romance and fantasy, while the aesthetics of the movement have expanded even further afield.

Appropriately, our guests for the Gothic evening come from a wide variety of disciplines and traditions. We're exceedingly pleased to have in attendance:

Christopher Fowler
Marcus Hearn
Jon Courtenay Grimwood
John Kaiine
Tanith Lee
Suzanne McLeod
James Pearson
Jonathan Rigby
Emma Vieceli

If you're interested in learning more about our guests - and the Gothic in general - we've assembled a (not-so-brief) reading list. This is intended to be a broad survey with a special emphasis on the work of our guests. If you have a favourite book with a Gothic influence, please share by letting us know in the comments.

We'll be opening the evening with a short talk then we'll encourage everyone to chat, browse and ogle as they see fit. This is a wonderfully sprawling topic and there's a lot to discuss. Plus, The Kraken Rum will be providing tasty samples of their appropriately dark beverage.

From late February, a host of guests will be taking over on Charing Cross Read - the official blog of Blackwell's Charing Cross - keep your eyes peeled. 

Facebook RSVPs are welcomed but not mandatory. They do, however, let us plan how much rum to bring along. More details can be found here.