Golden Tentacle Finalist: The Samaritan by Fred Venturini
The SFX Weekender 3

The Kitschies: Guess the Winners, Win a Tentacle!

KrakenThe Kitschies will be announced this Friday, 3 February at the SFX Weekender. We're on at 7 pm in the Screening Room. No additional ticket is required - the joy of the tentacles comes as part of the convention package. Hope to see you there!

Now it is time to put your guessing hat on and guess the winners! We've got a special hand-crafted mini-Tentacle trophy for whomever gets it right.

If you need to brush up on your options, you can find our reviews for all fifteen finalists linked from the Red, Golden and Inky Tentacle pages.

[Editors' note: If it helps, we don't even know yet!] 

Guess away!