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Where's Pornokitsch?

This is a bit of a brain dump, but we're in one of our rare bursts of planning - and here's how the next few months are shaping up.

Tonight, we're at the inaugural "Science Fiction Social" at Waterstone(')s Gower Street. The event is organised by the Arthur C. Clarke Award and kicks off with a panel on the future of awards (with Nick Harkaway, Gillian Redfearn, Tom Hunter and, er, Jared [hi!]). It starts at 6 pm, entry is free, etc. etc.

If panels aren't your thing, Forbidden Planet have a great signing going on, only a few blocks away. Debut author Benedict Jacka is joined by the amazing Kate Griffin (who basically only does one signing a year, so pounce!). It also starts at 6 pm, darnit.

March 8 brings the next Kitschies' event - a Gothic Evening at Blackwell's Charing Cross. It starts at (wait for it...) 6 pm. Free entry, no ticket required. Lots of lovely guests. Details here, hope to see you there, you know the drill. A couple people have asked us if they need an invitation, which is worrying - the event is totally open. Come one, come all. Bring all your friends and family. 

There are some other foxy events in March as well - the year's first BFS Open Night (2 March), the Tripwire exhibition at Gosh London (kicks off 10 March) and Time Bandits at the Royal Observatory (19 March). Presumably there's a BSFA meeting as well (we'll be in the back, fishing for our raffle tickets).

April and May look to be slightly crazypants. We'll be at Alt.Fiction and EasterCon. Anne's on a few panels at both (we'll publish the details when they're finalised) and we'll be applauding wildly at the BSFA Awards. Rumor has it: this year they're giving out life-sized butter sculptures of famous cosmonauts. There's an as-yet-unconfirmed event later in May as well, details to come when we know 'em.

Stories of the Smoke launches in early April as well - we're still venue-haggling, but it looks to be the week before EasterCon as to avoid festival-fatigue. Smoke (and our own insatiable curiosity) will also bring us to the London Book Fair later in the month.

Spring is awesome.

So, given that you'll be utterly sick of us by the summer... see you tonight?