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Gothic Evening: Sneak Preview

As well as the (ridiculous) array of authors at tomorrow night's Gothic Evening, Blackwell's Charing Cross will also be to amazing artists and illustrators.

Here's some of the gorgeous work created by a few of our guests. Swing by tomorrow to see more and to meet them in person:

Arkham Asylum
Arkham Asylum by John Kaiine


Carpathian copy
Carpathian by John Kaiine 

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by John Kaiine

Hampstead cemetery
Hampstead Cemetary by Joel Meadows

Highgate cemetery west
Highgate Cemetary by Joel Meadows

Mill Hill
Mill Hill by Joel Meadows

Vampire Academy
Vampire Academy cover by Emma Vieceli

Orly by Emma Vieceli

Bayou Arcana
Bayou Arcana cover by Jennie Gyllblad, edited by James Pearson

All images are copyright their various creators and publishers and are shown here with their permission.

Books by Joel Meadows, Emma Vieceli and John Kaiine will all be on sale at the event. Bayou Arcana is now available for pre-order via Markosia. For more information about all these works (and others), including purchasing information, please see our Gothic Reading List.