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The Kitschies' Gothic Evening

Fallen BladeA huge thank you to everyone that turned out to last week's Gothic Evening at Blackwell's Charing Cross. It was even larger than the previous event and the store was absolutely packed. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did. 

Thanks as well to The Kraken Rum for their continued support of all things geeky and wonderful and Blackwell's for being such gracious hosts. Many of the evening's titles were heavily promoted for the evening. For those that couldn't make it (or didn't get a chance to indulge on the night), we suggest swooping quickly - signed books on a 3-for-2 offer won't last long.

We were fortunate enough to have a bevy of amazing guests for the event. If you enjoyed meeting them and would like to read more about their contributions to the Gothic, here are some good places to start:

S.D. Crockett: After the Snow

Christopher Fowler: Hell Train, Red Gloves

Jon Courtenay Grimwood: The Fallen Blade, The Outcast Blade, The Bitten Word

Marcus Hearn: The Hammer Vault, The Art of Hammer

John Kaiine: The Bitten Word, Cold Grey Stones (cover)

Tanith Lee: Cold Grey Stones, The Bitten Word

Suzanne McLeod: The Sweet Scent of Blood

Joel Meadows: Spooked: A London Gothic

James Pearson: Bayou Arcana (out in May, but you can pre-order now!)

Jonathan Rigby: Studies in Terror

Emma Vieceli: Vampire Academy

The Blackwell's blog - Charing Cross Read - also played host to a variety of writers and bloggers over the past few weeks. These were:

Deadfall Hotel"Introducing the Gothic" by Jared Shurin (The Kitschies) [hi!]

"Notes on the Suburban Gothic" by Louis Greenberg (The Mall, The Ward)

"The Gothic in Teen Fiction" by Esther Saxey (Reading the Vampire Slayer)

"Southern Gothic" by James Pearson (Bayou Arcana)

"The Gothic Weather" by Steve Rasnic Tem (Deadfall Hotel)

"A Sense of Place" by Simon Bestwick (The Faceless)

"Gothic YA: A Starter Reading List" by The Book Smugglers (Book Smugglers)

All these authors and more can be found on our annotated list of contemporary Gothic reading is available on The Kitschies site.

If you're interested in The Kitschies - the award or the events - please keep in touch with us on our website or on Facebook