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The Weeks that Were

Goths! Mermaids! Bloggers! Adventure!

Plenty of reviews over the past few weeks:

  • Rae Carson's Fire and Thorns (2011) (and being thin to win) (a guest post from Lizzie Barrett)
  • David Dodge's Plunder of the Sun (1949 / 2005) (and being a slave to money)
  • Diana Wynne Jones' Dogsbody (1975) (and consistent cosmology)
  • John McPartland's Big Red's Daughter (1953) (and finding one's way through romance)
  • Wade Miller's Branded Woman (1952/ 2005) (and the perils of belonging to someone)
  • Wade Miller returned with Mad Baxter (1955) (and the joys of pre-packaged maturity)
  • Peter Rabe's Stop This Man! (1955 / 2009) (and the temptation of shiny things)
  • Donald Westlake's The Comedy is Finished (2012) (and don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling)

David Moore swung back to talk about wizards and Jenni van der Merwe helped us remix some of our favorite films. We also made some helpful suggestions for the Hugo Awards and Monsters & Mullets returned with a Splash (1984).

The Kitcshies presented a Gothic Evening at Blackwell's on 8 March - some of the pretty pictures are here, and a full list of the guests can be found here. Thanks again to everyone that showed up and took part!

We showed off the tables of contents for Stories of the Smoke and Fire. There are still a few tickets left for the launch party on April 4 - come along! Pandemonium Fiction also got a brand new website, with a few cheeky previews of our other 2012 and 2013 titles.

What's up next? After the launch party (hintyhint), Anne will be paneling about at EasterCon and Alt.Fiction. We're at the London Book Fair in mid-April, and there are some big Kitschies-related announcements that'll be coming out around then. (Mysterious!)

Plus, the Kitschies are involved in the Society of Authors' lovely shindig at Foyles on 22 May, but we'll have more on that next month - expect a hearty focus on YA and kids' books for that month.

As always, thanks for dropping by over the past few weeks - and we hope you stick around!