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Pandemonium: 1853 and Crossroads - Call for Submissions

Our next two anthology releases are Pandemonium: Lost Souls and A Town Called Pandemonium. Due to some structural intricacies, we aren't able to take submissions for either one.

However, each volume will be published with an electronic chapbook, much like Fire (which accompanied Stories of the Smoke). For these chapbooks, we're looking for great short stories, with a particular emphasis on bringing new voices into print. 

Crossroads is the companion to Pandemonium: Lost Souls. There's no more iconic musical legend than the great Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil in turn for the blues. What other deals have been made where two roads meet? What bargains have been struck and contracts signed? What about the fine print and the horrible surprises? Does the Devil always get his due? [Deadline: 1 June 2012]

1853 is a chance to build part of the world of Pandemonium. A Town Called Pandemonium involves ten authors writing about one tiny corner in the American West. But the world is a big, big place. We're looking for tales of danger, suspense and slightly alternate history that take place outside of North America. A touch of the supernatural is fine by us, but the weirdness shouldn't be the star of the story - these should have the grim and gritty atmosphere of a Western. And, of course, it needs to be set in 1853. [Deadline: 1 August 2012]

The fine print:

Both chapbooks will be eBooks only. Submissions should be in doc, docx or rtf format and under 1,200 words. We're paying a flat rate of £15 on acceptance of the final story (plus contributor copies). Our publications are all time-limited, and the books will be removed from sale one year after first publication. First anthology rights only. International submissions are very, very welcome, but stories must be in English.

Questions below or through email, please. More details can also be found on the Pandemonium site. And, as always, the best way to know the stuff we like is to read our previous anthologies!

(Psst. Folks on the Pandemonium mailing list get told about this sort of thing before everyone else.)