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Stories of the Smoke - Launch Party

Pandemonium: Stories of the Smoke and Fire - Out now!

(That's actually two different titles up there... confusing, eh?)

We're proud to say that our latest anthology, Stories of the Smoke is officially out now. Stories of the Smoke includes 17 original science fiction and fantasy tales about London, all inspired by Charles Dickens. It is - if you'll forgive us for bragging - an absolute corker. The contributors come from all over the world and range from celebrated award-winners to cracking debut voices. London's many nooks and crannies are very thoroughly explored, in styles gory, ghostly, dreamy and even cyberpunky. 

Today also marks the release of Fire - an electronic chapbook containing three short-short stories from Harry Markov, Tom Loock and Oz Vance. Anne explains the origin of Fire in her introduction, but essentially, these are three kickass stories that really leapt out at us. They may not be explicitly London-y, but they were just too good not to print.

A portion of the proceeds from all sales of Smoke and Fire goes to English PEN. The rest of the proceeds goes to the authors, so, hey, buy early and often. 

You can find them here:

Stories of the Smoke (Amazon US)
Stories of the Smoke (Amazon UK)

Fire (Amazon US)
Fire (Amazon UK)

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A huge thanks to all the contributors for their hard work and patience, Christopher Fowler for his amazing introduction, Gary Northfield for his cracking artwork, Gav o' Handebooks for the digital magic and the kind people at English PEN for making the world a better place.