The Kitschies: 2012 Inky Tentacle Judges
Worlds after tomorrow: what we learned from our survey

Space Squid Victorious!

Thanks to everyone who took our survey last week. You gave us a lot to think about - both in terms of blog contents and future events, as well as some great feedback about both what you like and what we could be doing better. We'll have a bit of a ponder and a bit of a scheme, then report back.

Of course, the most important question on the survey was this:

Who would win in a fight? Space squid or talking tree.

We're not-so-secretly pleased to reveal that the space squid beat the talking tree like a drum, reeling in a whopping 73% of the vote. 

Some of your explanations were awesome. They're anonymous, so please feel free to take credit for the one you find the most convincing.


"Alphabetically superior, more gravitas"

"Mobility", "Greater mobility" and "Trees don't move. Duh."

"Space Squid is our new Master from the skies."

"Talking trees explode in space" [Maybe that's why they don't move]

"You gotta root for any floating thing with multiple suckers." [Pun?]

"Because it's upset about Margaret Atwood's comments and decided to take it out in the tree." 

"Have you seen the likes of Treebeard? Far too slow and philosophical dude."

"Need you ask? Space Squid conquers all!"

"Squid are cool." [Yup.]


"The bark is mightier than the squash" 

"It's badass"


"Presumably Talking Tree can't move, so Space Squid would have to build a suit so he could survive in Tree's oxygen rich environment. But if they fought, he'd be at a disadvantage because he's in his suit." [A worthy riposte to the exploding in space issue]

"The tree's thermodynamic bark-lassos would multiply until they outnumbered the squid's tentacles: Ent-ropy tends to increase" [Oh my.]