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As well as our bi-weekly round-ups of Pornokitsch and The Kitschies' news, we're also going to start throwing in occasional updates on the Pandemonium projects.

Pandemonium: Stories of the Apocalypse received a lovely shout-out from Tom Hunter, the Director of the Arthur C. Clarke Award. He even brandished a copy of the limited edition at the ACCA ceremony. ("Mao-like", noted one audience member.) Everything Tom said on the night is true. It is an amazing collection and proceeds from it do go towards supporting the prize. The collection still lurks around at a mere £2.49 on Amazon.

We're not the only publisher (tiny or otherwise) supporting the prize - NewCon Press' gorgeous Fables from the Fountain also donates to the Clarke Award and is a lovely book - definitely worth checking out.

Pandemonium - Lost SoulsThe first reviews of Stories of the Smoke have been trickling through and have been, as Dickens would say, "amazeballs". "A strong anthology", quoth The Fantastical Librarian and "a major success" wisely pronounces Stuff & Nonsense.

More Smoke news is in the pipeline, you'll hear it when it happens (that was a hint). The limited edition of Smoke is long sold out, but the ebook is available on Amazon.

Our next collection Lost Soulsis on track for its August release. The final artwork is in from the astounding Vincent Sammy. "Amanda Todd" is shown here, and there are a few other previews on the Panda site. We first saw Vincent's work in an issue of Something Wicked and were immediately blown away. Pre-orders for the limited edition of Lost Souls will open in June.

We're received the first two stories for our fall collection, A Town Called Pandemonium. Will Hill does truly terrible things to a family of miners and Archie Black has turned in a Roshomon-style stagecoach robbery gone terribly wrong (do they ever go right?).

Meanwhile, we've opened submissions for two new Pandemonium chapbooks: Crossroads and 1853. Crossroads' deadline is 1 June, so, if you're not scribbling away, now's a good time to start. 

To wrap up on a cryptic note, we have not one but two more 2012 titles that we haven't announced yet. These are a new direction for Pandemonium - not anthologies, but something slightly different. 

As alway, if you're interested in receiving the latest news of sales, submissions and release dates, we suggest the Pandemonium mailing list