London's Geeky Weekend
'I still have my full complement of fingers' - KJ Parker and Sharps

Brixton Book Jam - Tonight!

BrixtonbookjamOur regularly irregular schedule of reviews and ranty whatnot will resume tomorrow - tonight, we're off to the Brixon Book Jam!

Billed as "an eclectic gathering for people who are passionate about books and the written word", the Book Jam is a delightfully wonky event combining readings, panels, talks and discussion. It is, in short, directed enthusiasm, and, as such, straight up our alley. 

Readers and speakers include Adam Mars-Jones, Steve Dempsey, Glen Mehn (reading from Smoke), Tom Pollock (reading from The City's Son!) and Kate Harrad. Plus, five minute talks from James Wallis ("How to write a novel in a week"), Mark Pilkington ("running a small press"), Rhodri Marsden ("on crap dates") and many others. It sounds bonkers.

Stone Skin Press, Strange Attractor and Jurassic (that's us!) will all be there, flogging our delightfully boutique books. We are almost completely sold out of our lovely novelettes: there remain two of Not The End of the World and a half-dozen each of the stories by Adam Roberts and Arthur Conan Doyle

The Book Jam is at the Hootananny (that's actually a real place), 95 Effra Road, SW2 1DF. Closest tube is Brixton (of course). The event starts at 7pm and runs until closing time. No tickets required. A bit of a Facebook preamble is happening here.