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Crossroads - Table of Contents

Crossroads by Vincent SammyWelcome to the Crossroads: the electronic chapbook companion to Lost Souls. Four stories of demonic deals gone wrong (or right) - with hope, trickery, rats, sex and math.

We received stacks of submissions for this spooky little volume, and we are very grateful to everyone who sent us a story. 

The Devil is a very tempting figure (by definition, I suppose). The stories we selected are an eclectic mix, with four very different perspectives from a great combination of writers.

The stories are:

  • "Prignitz was an Innocent" by Christian Fox
  • "Georgia" by Jenni Hill
  • "(0,0)" by Robert Sharp
  • "The Golds" by Ian Whates

We're delighted to bring four new Pandas into the family - you can learn more about them on the Pandemonium site.

The cover art is by Vincent Sammy. It depicts the legendary musician Robert Johnson: king of the Blues and one of the greatest devil-wranglers in modern folklore.

Crossroads will be released on the Kindle in August. All orders of the Lost Souls limited edition (placed before August) will receive a copy of Crossroads for free. You can pick up your copy here.