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Pandemonium: Lost Souls - Pre-Order Now!

We're delighted to announce our next Pandemonium title: Lost Souls.

Pandemonium - Lost Souls - by Vincent SammyLost Souls is an odd one - even by our standards. Instead of commissioning new stories, we've been quietly scrounging through archives, searching for the best, lost stories that meet our theme: tales of damnation and redemption.

The result is a collection that ranges from the haunting to the humorous, with stories from Latrobe Carroll, Robert W. Chambers, William Atwell Cheney, Mary Coleridge, Stephen Crane, Benjamin Disraeli, Amelia B. Edwards, Mary Wilkins Freeman, John Galsworthy, Richard Garnett, George Gissing, Bret Harte, Anne Sedgwick, May Wentworth and several others.

We've found tales about war and cowboys, popes and prisoners, poverty and parrots - even stories about the nature of stories. There's also a batshit thing about a chicken. Something for everyone. 

In many cases, Lost Souls contains a story's first printing since its original publication. And, where possible, we've gone back to the original text for each one. At 100,000+ words, that's meant a lot of re-typing, but it was worth every letter.

Lost Souls is illustrated - magnificently - by Vincent Sammy. You can see some of Vincent's work for the book here, and admire even more of it on his own page. The illustrations are simply spectacular. The cover (shown above) is from "Amanda Todd", by Mary Wilkins Freeman.

Finally, Anne and I have added in introductory notes for each story, to help tie them together and provide a little background about each of the authors and their fascinating lives. It was a lot of fun to do.

The hardcover edition of Lost Souls is limited to 100 numbered copies. You can order a copy below for £14.99. We'll be shipping them in mid-August and the Kindle edition will also be released at the end of that month. 



T&Cs: UK shipping is £3.25; US is £6.75. For other countries and/or multiple copies, please email me before purchasing, and I'll send you an invoice. If you're looking to match numbers with previous Pandemonium editions, please email me as well, and I'll do my best.

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