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BFS Awards: Winners and Snap Judgements

Pandas at FantasyCon

This weekend brings a tide of geekery to the shores of Brighton for FantasyCon. It is our first time going. Fortunately, there will be a few dozen Pandemonium authors to help ease us into the event.

Brighton Dinosaur
(Brilliant photo from here.)

The authors (and where to find them) are below...


Plus Anne will be moderating a panel about awards (ooooh!) at 10.30 pm. She promises controversy.


Plus, Jared will be moderating a panel about steampunk at 5 pm. He promises to avoid controversy.


Many more of our authors will be on the scene, including Jenni Hill, Den Patrick, Esther Saxey, David Moore, Sophia McDougall and Ian Whates. Plus, Kim Lakin-Smith, Lavie Tidhar and Jonathan Oliver are all finalists for the British Fantasy Awards!

A limited edition of Lost Souls has been donated to the FantasyCon raffle (plus a poster from The Kitschies, signed by China MiĆ©ville, Patrick Ness and Lauren Beukes!). So, basically, we're unavoidable.

Vaguely professional note: we will not be selling books at the event. However, if you order a copy of Lost Souls by Thursday night, we can bring it to you in person. Plus a sticker or something.

We'll be pushing everyone to buy Apocalypse (only a month to go!) - plus, we may have some cool stuff in our pockets for A Town Called Pandemonium, Uncle Smoke and Thy Kingdom Come. Maybe.

(As always, the opportunity to pre-order our titles is offered to our mailing list first. Hint.) 


1: Panel
2: Reading
3: Masterclass