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Bedroom BingoWell, according to our sophisticated tracking algorithms, these posts are the most unpopular thing I've written since the ill-fated Nurse Romance Reviews of Ought-Eleven. But I enjoy them and, you know, they're part of my personal vibrating aboutness cluster.* So ha.

Less shopping recently, which is to say, only a mid-sized pile of books:

Bedroom Bingo. By Rex Weldon! From Playtime Books! How could someone not want this book? According to the back cover, "Virgin Sue finally had a roll in the hay, and found out what she'd been missing." Oh boy!

Unquenchable Fire. Arthur C. Clarke Award winners - collection #74943875 in the Perry-Shurin household. We've got the hardcover first edition already, but the paperback was published simultaneously, so, voila. The classic double first. (Wait, is that not what that means?)

Ed McBain is very much a collection. He's actually the second-most-owned author in our collection. (Between John D. MacDonald and Dorothy Sayers.) Surprised we didn't own Barking at Butterflies already.

BooksActon, Gladstone and Others is adorable, but also has a section on Gladstone's library. Slightly obsessed with Gladstone's library. Even though I consider myself a Disraeli man, Gladstone definitely had him trumped on bibliophilic grounds.

Bestseller - a look at the bestseller novels in the Britain between 1900 and 1939. Slightly snide criticism. Plus lots of clippings stuffed in from a previous owner, which is fun.

Equations of Life. A proof! The result of some wheeling and dealing and bookswapping. Quite delighted about this... The Morden collection is now very much a Thing.

Seraphina. Recommendation from Niall Harrison of Strange Horizons (he was right - this book is great). I think the cover is...well... here. Granted, it very much targets an audience that is Not Me, but, urgh. Just sharing. (By contrast - US cover.)

Something Wicked. That big sneaky stack at the bottom is a complete set of Something Wicked. I've got a lot to say about this magazine, all of it positive. After reading the complete set on PDF, it is really cool to have the physical copies. They're glossy and gorgeous and make me nostalgic for when I used to read actual magazines.

*I missed that phrase. Thanks, Mr. Miéville!