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The Kitschies' SF and Social Change - FAQ

Thanks to everyone for coming out on Tuesday night. It was our biggest event yet and, with China Miéville, Patrick Ness and Lauren Beukes, it was by far the most tentacular. 

TentacularPhoto courtesy of Penny Schenk

A few questions have come in via email, Twitter and grabbing-us-in-the-pub, and we thought it'd be useful to collect them here.

Q) Was the event recorded? If so, when and where can I hear it?

A) Yup! The Free Word Centre recorded the evening - panels, readings and all. They're currently testing and editing the sound. If it all worked out according to plan, we'll have a few links to share soon. 

Q) How, when and what do I submit to The Kitschies?

A) The Kitschies are the prize for progressive, intelligent and entertaining books that contain elements of the speculative and fantastic. We award prizes in three categories: novel, debut and cover art. Submissions are currently open for 2012 titles - in fact, they close on 1 December. The details on how to submit books (and more on the criteria) can be found here.

Q) How do I make that cocktail?

A) Really simple! The Perfect Storm is made of one part The Kraken Rum, two parts Ginger Ale and a squeeze of lime. Serve it over ice. (More recipes with The Kraken can be found here.)

Q) What did the authors read? When can I buy their books?

A) China Miéville really did write his story on the way there. You can read "3 moments of an explosion" on his website.

Patrick Ness' The Crane Wife will be out in April 2013 from Canongate.

Lauren Beukes' The Shining Girls will be out in May 2013 from HarperCollins.

Q) Are there photos? Where are the photos? 

A) So, Anne was busy moderating and I was too busy sitting in the front row being a massive fan to take pictures. But if you've got photos, please send them our way - we'll credit you and everything!

Q) Was that a... squid?

A) Not just a squid, but the squid. Plarchie is a Kitschies institution and we're delighted that he's appeared at almost all our events to date (and devoured many a famous author). His creator, Lauren O'Farrell, is one of this year's Inky Tentacle judges. You can follow him on Twitter.

Q) Those posters!

A) I know, right?! The posters are designed by Rona Marin-Miller. We still have a few left, but not sure how to sell them... If you're desperate to have one (and we can't blame you), let us know in the comments or at the email address below.

Q) Do you have a mailing list?

A) Nope. But we do have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed for The Kitschies. Plus the website, which we update with the latest events. And if you ever have any questions about the award or what's happening, just email us at

Q) What's next?

A) Our next event is in November: Invisible Cities with Tom Pollock, Kate Griffin and Mark Charan Newton. It will be at Foyles, date and other details TBA.

Q) Can we talk to you about doing an event?

A) Sure! Email us with this, or any other questions, at

And, finally, a huge thank you to the Free Word Centre, The Kraken Rum, Blackwell's Charing Cross, Rona, Lauren and Plarchie, the amazing, amazing authors and everyone that showed up. We hope you had as much fun as we did.