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A Town Called Pandemonium - saddle up!

Cover - town called pandemoniumOur weirdest and most Western collection - out now!

A Town Called Pandemonium contains ten wholly original Western stories, all set in the same dilapidated boom town in the New Mexico Territory. The authors - a lunatic, talented bunch - plotted and schemed up the setting together, and then went wild in their individual stories. Some are very weird, some are very Western - but they're all absolutely brilliant.


  • "Grit" by Scott Andrews
  • "Belle Deeds" by Chrysanthy Balis
  • "4.52 to Pandemonium" by Archie Black
  • "The Gathering of Sheaves" by Joseph D'Lacey
  • "The Sad Tale of the Deakins Boys" by Will Hill
  • "Raise the Beam High" by Jonathan Oliver
  • "Red Hot Hate" by Den Patrick
  • "Wish for a Gun" by Sam Sykes
  • "Sleep in Fire" by Osgood Vance
  • "Rhod the Killer" by Sam Wilson

Plus an introduction by your merry editorial crew of Anne C. Perry and Jared Shurin.

A Town Called Pandemonium is wrapped up - figuratively and literally - with the art of Adam Hill. We've gushed about Adam's work at length, but, to us, he's the one who really wound up defining Pandemonium and creating the precise dramatic/bonkers and iconic-but-contemporary style that enfolds the ten stories into a single, cohesive whole. 

As of today, Town is out for the Kindle and as a paperback - the "Silver Dollar" edition. In January, we'll be publishing a numbered hardcover "Cafe de Paris" edition that has exclusive content. January also sees the publication of 1853, a chapbook that highlights some of the activities from the rest of the 'world' of Pandemonium in that same fateful year.

The paperback will be available at the launch tonight (The Royal George, 133 Charing Cross Road, from 6.30 pm) and, from tomorrow, you can find it at Blackwell's and from our website.

Later in 2013 we'll be bringing Will Hill's "The Sad Tale of the Deakins Boys" back as one of our lettered edition novelettes - again, with more exclusive material. The problem is with having ten fertile minds and only a single little world: the stories just keep on coming...

Come join us in the town of Pandemonium, where nothing is certain.

A Town Called Pandemonium

Kindle - US / Int'l

Kindle - UK

Paperback - "Silver Dollar" edition