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Everywhere but here

Launch news nonwithstanding, we've been pretty quiet around here as of late. Between judging for The Kitschies and book-putting-together and general stuff, the blog's suffered. Sorry!

That said, Anne & I have managed to trespass on other folks' lawns:

  • "On Invisible Cities" on the Tor Books Blog - a wrap-up from the urban fantasy event with Mark Charan Newton, Kate Griffin and Tom Pollock (in which I horribly misquote all three)
  • "A Better Class of Tentacle" on SFX - a really fun interview with Alasdair Stuart, in which we got to talk about chili and The Kraken Rum and the secret future of publishing and Lauren Beukes (they're all connected)
  • A slightly incoherent ramble about Westerns has also been sent off to the BFS Journal, which was satisfying (the Journal is still print-only and members-only, two things I don't... wholly agree with, but that's all neither here nor there and, like others, I am delighted to have my name inked upon the skynne of deade trees)

It was pretty cool to take part in all three. I think the SFX interview was probably the most enjoyable, as we didn't have to think about a 'voice' or a 'purpose' (or 'make sense' or 'be coherent'), and that's always a blast.

Anyway, guest-blogging is well and good and deeply flattering, but there's no place like home. Next week, actual blog posts!

Meanwhile, time for another book launch...