The Kitschies: 10 Day Warning
Out now: Thy Kingdom Come by Simon Morden

Launch Week: Thy Kingdom Come & A Town Called Pandemonium

Cover%20-%20thy%20kingdom%20comeThis coming week sees two astounding book launches.

On Wednesday night, Simon Morden will be at Blackwell's Charing Cross for the release of Thy Kingdom Come. The print edition of this amazing book has been, in some ways, ten years in the making - you can read more about that on Mr. Morden's blog. Thanks to Joey Hi-Fi, it is a gorgeous book. And thanks to Mr. Morden and Robert Jackson Bennett, there's some brand new material. 

All the proceeds from Thy Kingdom Come go to the Red Cross. This was all Mr. Morden's idea and it is a pretty amazing one. 

The launch kicks off at 6 pm on Wednesday night at Blackwell's Charing Cross. There will be your traditional reading and Q&A, plus the (extremely limited) remaining copies of Thy Kingdom Come and lots of great Metrozone books for sale. You can hook up with other attendees on Facebook.

Cover%20-%20town%20called%20pandemoniumOn Thursday night, things get a whole lot weirder. Will Hill, Scott K. Andrews, Den Patrick and Jonathan Oliver will all be at The Royal George (133 Charing Cross Road) from 6.30 pm to celebrate the release of A Town Called Pandemonium - Silver Dollar edition!

"Pandatown" is a shared-world Western with ten new stories from some of the finest (and most bonkers) minds in genre fiction. As well as the fearsome foursome above, contributors include Chrysanthy Balis, Sam Wilson, Joseph D'Lacey, Oz Vance, Archie Black and Sam Sykes. All art by the incredible Adam Hill.

There will be readings, huge hats, impressive boots and possibly some terrible drawls. It promises to be a fun evening - please let us know if you're coming so we can plan the space accordingly!

A Town Called Pandemonium is our first paperback! Due to circumstances outside of our control (that's fancy-talkin' for 'give me a beer and I'll whine all about it') the hardcover 'Cafe de Paris' edition has been delayed until January. Adam Hill's done a stunning cover for the paperback, which is one fine lookin' piece of readin' material. (I warned you about the drawl.)

Don't forget, a portion of all proceeds from A Town Called Pandemonium (in all its formats) goes to the Arthur C. Clarke Award. Horror and Fantasy writers contributing to a Western to benefit a Science Fiction award. It makes sense to us...

We hope to see you this week - twice!