Friday Five(ish): 10 Strange Stories of the Apocalypse
The Trembling Footloose Skies Fall Modestly at First

Post-Apocalyse & Competition Winner!

A huge stack of thanks - to everyone who contributed, supported, bought, read, talked about, retweeted, browsed or even looked at Stories of the Apocalypse. The limited edition has now, sadly, hit its limit and is no longer on sale.

Cover - Coming SoonWe're delighted that this world ended with a bang, as Apocalypse sat as the #1 SF anthology on Amazon for the whole weekend. 

If you're still looking for reading material (and who isn't?), you can get a suitably apocalyptic fix with the upcoming Thy Kingdom Come. Or travel to the Weird and Wild West with A Town Called Pandemonium. If you're lookinng for a new spin on some classic literature, Stories of Smoke contains original stories of London, as inspired by Charles Dickens - from the steampunk to the cyberpunk to the very, very strange. Or if you like your classics unspun, Lost Souls contains macabre tales - carefully resurrected from their original publications.

Too much? You can always pick up one of our chapbooks - the bonkers Fire, haunting Crossroads or darkly comedic Stocking Stuffer. They're each 80p and contain at least three completely original short stories. (Plus, 1853 on its way...) 

Of course, one person gets one of these for free - our competition for a copy of Thy Kingdom Come is now over and we've chosen a winner. It was surprisingly easy - only one person got the right answer. Which means our challenge was either too difficult, or just difficult enough.

The question: Joey Hi-Fi is in three Jurassic London books. Which are they?

The answer, as expressed by our winner:

I think these are Joey's appearances in Jurassic London books:

1. Illustrator for Thy Kingdom Come
2. Illustrator for Pandemonium: The Lowest Heaven
3. He's mentioned as one of the players in Osgood Vance's story "The Closer" in Stories of the Apocalypse under his real name Dale Halverson.

Congratulations, Mieneke!