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Vibrating Aboutness Chili

We're big on gooey stewy dishes that can't be cooked the same way twice, and the king of those is chili. (Well, gumbo, really, but we're not from New Orleans and no matter how hard we try, we just can't do it properly. It may be the accent.) 

Today we've been up since the wee hours putting a batch of chili on the burble. It contains:

Cow (lots)
Peppers (red & yellow)
Beans (red kidney)
Tomatoes (chopped)
Onions (sweet)
Onions (conventional)
Mushrooms (shiitake)*
Beef stock
Cider vinegar
Worcestershire sauce (Anne puts it on/in everything)
The Kraken Rum (naturally)
Chilis (birdseye)
Spices (everything within reach)

*Only less-than-ideal ingredient. Prefer oyster mushrooms. If this goes horribly wrong, I blame the 'shrooms.

We'll now torture it until mid-afternoon, letting it reduce, then re-gooing it with beer and stock. Eventually we'll be starving and the entire house will smell like spiced cow, and we'll dig in.

So today's CRITICAL QUESTION: what do you put in your chili?