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A Town Called Pandemonium: Café de Paris Edition - Pre-Orders

Cover - town called pandemoniumFinally, right?

We just signed off the final proof, meaning the hardcover limited edition of A Town Called Pandemonium will be with us by the end of February!

This edition is limited to 75 copies, each individually numbered. They're bound in an oak-coloured buckram with silver titling and red end-papers, designed to match the other Pandemonium hardcovers on your shelf. (This may be the last book we do in this style, gasp!) If you do have a Pandemonium shelf (bless you), make plenty of space for this one, it is our biggest book yet...

We'll do our best to gather some signatures before shipping... but we're also going to try to pass the books along as quickly as possible, as we know everyone's getting impatient. 

However, as a special treat, we've got a stack of bookplates with signatures from the American contributors: Sam Sykes, Chrys Balis and Osgood Vance. We'll tip those in for as long as they last.

Here's the table of contents, everything that's exclusive to this edition is marked with a *:

  • Introduction: Café de Paris*
  • Introduction: The Silver Dollar
  • The Sad Tale of the Deakins Boys (Will Hill)
  • Wish for a Gun (Sam Sykes)
  • Grit (Scott K. Andrews)
  • Belle Deeds (Chrysanthy Balis)
  • The Gathering of Sheaves (Joseph D'Lacey)
  • Rhod the Killer (Sam Wilson)
  • Raise the Beam High (Jonathan Oliver)
  • 4.52 to Pandemonium (Archie Black)
  • Red Hot Hate (Den Patrick)
  • 1853 (Islington Calhoun)*
  • A Little Off-Kilter: An Interview with Adam Hill*
  • The Bible: Notes from Pandemonium*
  • Pandatown Chili (Matt Rowan)*

Illustrated by the astounding Adam Hill.

All in all, the limited edition has thirty new pages of new stories, interviews and general madness.

Of the 75 copies, only 24 are left for sale (now might be a good time to remind people that all books are offered to our mailing list first). You can order your copy here.

Paperback copies (which are also very nice indeed) are still available through the Pandemonium website. And you can snaffle an electronic copy for your iPadKindleBo through Amazon or Kobo.