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Competition: A Pub Called Pandemonium

The Café de Paris edition of A Town Called Pandemonium is coming out finally soon. Foxy hardcover. 75 copies. New story. Extra content. Super swanky. Etc. We'll start taking orders later this week.

But first, some fun.

A Town Called Pandemonium features a local saloon with a few, um, issues (it burns down a lot). This made us think of the many other bars and pubs that have appeared across our titles. Pandemonium authors seem worryingly fixated on alcohol - we hope that's not a result of writing for us.

For the competition - and, be warned, this is pretty hard - we've picked five boozeries that have all appeared in a Pandemonium title. 

If you can tell us the stories in which these places appeared, we'll send you an electronic copy of the Pandemonium book of your choice. Plus, you'll be entered into a drawing for a copy of the 75-copy limited edition of A Town Called Pandemonium.

The drinkin' establishments:

  1. The Silver Dollar
  2. The Black Dove
  3. The Mad Hatter
  4. The Starving Stag
  5. The Golden Eagle

Rules & hints:

We've only selected from books that have already been published (e.g. there no trick questions regarding The Lowest Heaven).

There may be multiple correct answers, in which case, any one will do.

We'll ship anywhere in the world. 

Answers due by Friday, 4pm (British time).

Email your answers to editor at