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1853 and A Town Called Pandemonium - Out now!

Our latest two books are now shipping and/or available online.

We've spoken a lot about A Town Called Pandemonium already. The new, "Café de Paris" edition is shipping now. It is a fat ol' hardcover, our biggest book yet. Lots of (exclusive) new content and a very pretty thing indeed.

This is a stamped, numbered edition of 75 and all the copies are signed by at least some of the authors. At £19.99, these went rapidly and we're almost totally sold out. We've taken it off the webiste - if you want a copy, you need to email us for it.

We're now sold out of the paperback as well, and won't be doing another print run. However, you can still get the ebook of the Silver Dollar edition on Kobo and Amazon.

1853 is our latest digital chapbook, containing three (spooky) short stories selected from last summer's round of open submissions. The brief was to write slightly alternate histories, all set in the year 1853 - the same year as A Town Called Pandemonium. 

In "Son of", by Marc Aplin, a nameless gunslinger is recruited for an impossible task: to kill the brother of Jesus Christ. Jonathan Green's "Bat Out of Hell" features a man on the run in Mexico City, and the ancient entity that he accidentally awakens. Laura Graham's "Islands to Auld Reekie" is a heartbreaking letter from an innocent child to her absent family. 19th century Edinburgh is a city shrouded in darkness, and not all it comes from the factory chimneys.

1853 has a new cover from Adam Hill and an introduction from the editors. If you're a fan of continuity, it is set in the same world as A Town Called Pandemonium ('cause), but it is a stand-alone.

Like our other chapbooks, 1853 is free on Kobo.

Alternatively, you can pick up a copy of 1853 for a mere 77p (99 cents) through Amazon.