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Adventure RocketshipThe occasional post in which I explain why there isn't a post...

Over on, The Folding Knife reread hits chapter four. Violence! War! Family! Politics! Cows! 

Anne and I each have pieces in the first volume of Adventure Rocketship (with China MiĆ©ville, Michael Moorcock, Liz Williams, Lavie Tidhar, Jon Courtenay Grimwood and a host of other incredibly intimidating names). Anne's piece tackles Ladyhawke (and its famous soundtrack), my bit rambles on about Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's Phonogram. Adventure Rocketship is out later this month.

I've also submitted in a piece tentatively called (ahem) "Heart of Grimdarkness" to the BFS Journal. That should be fun.

Next week! We're trying to hit the Terry Brooks, Chris Beckett and Ian Whates signings at Forbidden Planet and Joseph D'Lacey at Big Green Books. We're going to need a bigger boat... For the discerning reader, Big Green Books also have signed copies of A Town Called Pandemonium in stock. 

Speaking of which, we fussed a bit with the Jurassic London site. Mostly because the "Books" page was becoming slightly untenable. We've swapped 'cluttered' for 'long'. All the rage, dontchaknow.