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My Dark Places, or, The Mall

Rio conchosLatest lootin' update - Anne and I had an adventure in the wilds of West London, braving the hordes to snoop around some of the Notting Hill shops.

Naomi Mitchison's Memoirs of a Spacewoman and George R. Stewart's Earth Abides were both recommended to me by... someone or some site. Anyway, they both look great. Oxfam also coughed up a more, uh, modern tasty treat - Elmore Leonard's Raylan (American edition, too). It has Olyphant on the cover, lookin' foxy.

The Book and Comic Exchange is always worth a pilgrimage. We blitzed through in twenty minutes, and left with a stack of treasures, including a proof copy of James Ellroy's My Dark Places and a first edition (with dust jacket!) of Jeff Noon's Pollen. (I'm now super prepared for his upcoming signing...)

I also found a stack of Fawcett Gold Medals (sadly all British editions, but still great finds): Howard Rigsby's The Reluctant Gun, Will F. Jenkins's Dallas, Clair Huffaker's Guns of Rio Conchos and Murray Leinster's War with the Gizmos. Gold Medal (as you may have noticed on this blog) is my all time most favouritest publisher, and finding new-old books from them is always a delight.

Plus, a few random ones: Sax Rohmer's The Quest of the Sacred Slipper (I keep writing that as "Scared", and it is, frankly, just as nonsensical a title), Jonathan Craig's Morgue for Venus, W.R. Burnett's Mi Amigo (Burnett wrote old school noir and Westerns, one of the great crossover writers) and, to join my collection of "tragic games", Steve Jackson's Fighting Fantasy RPG.

Although there were a lot of wonderful events last week, I managed to miss all of them. Fortunately, we did get to catch both Sarah and Savannah Lotz and get a stack of Lotzes signed. Lotzim. Lotzkas. Anyway, Pompidou Posse, The Ward, Deadlands, Death of a Saint and, of course, The Mall. To the shelf of honour!